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How to Increase Margin in Your Life

It is impossible to welcome others into our lives when there is no margin. Hospitality cannot be added to already overburdened lives. Without margin, we are incapable of relational spontaneity in our neighborhood, unable to even think about planning time to spend with others. Margin is the space between our load and our limits, between […]

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10 Ways to Stop Saying Yes When You Should Say No

I knew the request was unrealistic. My brain cued all the right signals for my mouth to say no. But somewhere between the sinking feeling in my heart of how this would affect my relationship with this person and the pressure of her expectations for me to agree to her request, I blurted out, “Yes, […]


How to Establish a Daily Prayer Practice

A daily time of connecting to God through prayer can be invaluable for spiritual growth.  But sometimes it’s hard to find the time each day or make daily prayer time a regular habit. Here are some ideas for cultivating a daily prayer practice that will help you establish it as an integral part of your […]

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