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The concept behind this website is simple: Take the best, practical ideas for living the Christian life and distill them into articles that can be read in two minutes or less. Make the articles easy to share with friends. Provide links to resources for those who want to read more or share a book with a friend. Offer free copies of books regularly because everyone likes free stuff.

That’s it. No gimmicks or commitments. The only reason to sign up for the newsletter is so you know what articles are coming and can choose which free books you want.

Please let us know what you think. If you like an article pass it on to friends. Tweet out the quotes and share the best tips on Facebook. Tell us how you are practicing faith and what we can do to make this site more helpful.

About Dale Hanson Bourke

As an editor, publisher, author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend, I’m always looking for ways to live my daily life with more faith, grace and patience. Especially patience. Like many people, I have a stack of unread books and an overflowing Kindle and dreams of spending hours of solitude on a tropical island. Until then, I need help distilling all the wisdom out there down to easy tidbits I can put to use every day.

I created www.PracticingFaith.com as a place where some of the people I admire most can offer morsels of wisdom and practical ideas for making each day a little more faith-filled. Once I started reading what they had to say, I had to share it with others.

Faith isn’t something we arrive at one day or somehow perfect. We’re all practicing at faith. We’re learning, growing, searching. Sometimes one idea helps us take a great leap of faith. Sometimes one quote helps give us the courage to persevere. My hope and prayer is that this can be a place where you find ideas and wisdom that will help you practice your faith each day.

photo credit: Hieronymus Bosch
photo credit: Hieronymus Bosch