How to Be a Better Best Friend


It’s wonderful to have a close friend; someone who loves to hear your good news or is there for you when you’re having a bad day. But like any relationship, friendships need attention to keep them strong and growing. Here are some ways to be an even better friend: 1.Ask thoughtful questions. Instead of the […]

Dale Hanson Bourke is the editor and publisher of and author of 12 books, including Embracing Your Second Calling, available in resources.

Five Unexpected, Everyday Places to Pray


One of my resolutions for this year was to pray more consistently every day. I want to build habits that remind me to pray, even when I get caught up in details and distractions. I began to make a list of my own and then asked friends for their creative ideas. Here’s a list of […]

Dale Hanson Bourke is the Editor and Publisher of and author of 11 books, including Embracing Your Second Calling.  To order, go to resources.