How to Bring Hope to Your Workplace


If you are not currently finding hope at your work, how can you bring hope into your work? No matter what the atmosphere and culture of your current workplace may be, there are five ways you can raise the hope level where you are now.

Arrive with energy. Come to work on time, with a good attitude, ready to tackle the day.

Live and lead with passion. Bringing passion to your job changes the work landscape. Passion brings life; apathy deadens. When you arrive with passion, you can take advantage of the opportunities disguised as hard work.

The presence of passion changes things. It blasts open creaky doors, breaks apart rusty chains, floods darkened rooms with light, and chases away gloom with laugher and joy. In other words, it sets culture.

Stay positive under pressure. Atmosphere and culture are either developed or destroyed by how people respond when times get tough. The secret to much of success in anything is learning how to perform well under pressure. Or, as I’m constantly saying to my kids, no matter what happens, keep your cool!

Be a peacemaker, not a troublemaker. Some people are like porcupines. They have a lot of fine points. They’re just hard to get close to. Some people love to argue. Some people are easily offended. Some people are defensive. Some people are always intentionally or unintentionally hurting other people.

Relational tension is going to happen. Just don’t be a glass-breaker. Be the relationship-maker.

Add value. People who add value to your life area great gift. Hope rises. Vision rises. Confidence rises. Imagine the impact on a company, church, team, or family if everybody arrived with one purpose—to add value to every other person in the room.










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photo credit: Carol M. Highsmith
This excerpt from The Hope Quotient by Ray Johnston was reprinted with permission from W Publishing Group, an imprint of Thomas Nelson. To order go to resources.